“Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it.”

Mark Cuban

Specialized Startup CounselSmall Decisions; Big Impact

We think of a startup as a business with a great idea, a small beginning, huge potential, and very unique legal issues. Startups face a “catch-22“ because they must address their most important legal issues at a time when funds are tight. Startups need experienced startup lawyers. We will help you vet your business model, structure your company for growth, protect your intellectual property, implement incentives for your employees, and raise capital. We will do it efficiently, helping you to predict and control your costs.

Seed Stage FinancingFriends and Family becomes your Angels

There are many ways to accomplish early-stage financing goals. We help our clients with implementing a solid early financing strategy to get the business off the ground.  We work extensively with convertible notes, SAFE agreements, and founder’s stock grants and preferred stock issuance.  This is a critical stage for young companies.  The money can be a key factor to growth, but the decision to bring on investors must be taken with careful guidance.

Equity Incentive PlansAttract and Retain Talent

When companies are in their earliest stages, it can be hard to compensate your early advisers and employees – the people you count on to pull the late nights in furtherance of your goal. As the company matures, there is a need to attract and keep top talent. Stock Option Plans, or Equity Incentive Plans, help accomplish those goals. We help prepare plans that are easy to administer and that won’t stand in the way of attracting future investors.

Venture FinancingThe real work is just beginning

You’ve hit that next level. Your business is starting to scale and you’re ready to start attracting some more sizeable investments. Our clients have landed some of the largest venture capital financing deals in Ohio with some of the largest investors in the country. For some clients, it’s the culmination of the work we’ve done for them since helping them set up their initial founding documents. For others, it’s just another step along the way as they’re raising their next series funding and really seeing their business flourish.

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