Thinking about jumping on that trending hashtag? Make sure your not inadvertently committing trademark or copyright infringement. In the modern world of trending hashtags and viral marketing, the pressure for companies to get in on whatever has momentarily captured the public’s eye can be immense. Unfortunately, a company’s rush to join […]

Click here to read our more detailed post of the basics of Regulation Crowdfunding. We have listed some examples below of the various types of intermediary available for Regulation Crowdfunding offerings, rather than make a comprehensive list of all possibilities in the current market. Notably, neither Kickstarter or Indiegogo (arguably the […]

On April 5, 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. Now, more than four years later, the regulatory changes required by the law have gone into full effect—and new potential investors and entrepreneurs in search of capital should be aware of the opportunities and risks that come with […]

While it might at first seem counter-intuitive, initial ownership of founders equity in your startup should not be based on entirely on who had the idea or who has contributed the most so for.  The nature of startup relationships are unpredictable, and oftentimes founders have different ideas on what is […]

NDA’s should be tailored to the situation, covering only what needs to be covered, and doing so clearly. The most important issue to consider when drafting an NDA is to make sure that the agreement would be enforceable by a court. The quickest way to unenforceability is to write the […]

Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements can be an important agreement between parties who have something to keep secret. They should, not however, be taken lightly. Careless drafting can render them unenforceable when they’re needed;  and when used in the wrong situation, they can become a hindrance to an otherwise positive business relationship. […]

Prior to entering into negotiations with an angel investor or venture capitalist there are multiple due diligence-related items the VC will want evaluate in order to make the decision whether to invest in your company, and if so, how much they want to invest. Failing to properly plan for these […]

A Kauffman Foundation study examining start-ups has determined that, with 2.7% of companies founded employing 50 or more people in their first 10 years, Columbus has the highest rate of startups growing into medium or large-size employers of any major U.S. metropolitan area. The study defined a start-up as any […]

On Monday, the popular smart phone photo app, Instagram, released a controversial updated version of its privacy policy and terms of service. The new language implicated a potentially startling change, which seemingly could allow Instagram to sell user’s photos to third parties for advertising. Numerous articles have speculated about the pending […]

 This year, Ohio made important updates to both its corporate and LLC codes. Overall, the changes to the corporate code were well warranted and should be seen as an improvement over the previous iteration of the code. However, the updates to the LLC code, especially in the area of fiduciary […]

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