Finding great talent for a startup company can be intense and competitive, and often the last thing on a founder’s mind is the best way to formalize the new employee relationship. On one hand, spelling out the terms of employment seems simple enough, but on the other, a company does […]

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created the Opportunity Zones program with the purpose of helping economically distressed communities by encouraging investment of capital within these communities. The Opportunity Zone program accomplishes this goal by allowing investors to defer paying capital gains taxes on capital gains by placing those […]

You start with an idea, build out the skeleton of a company and before you can afford to pay significant salaries, you start incentivizing the smartest people you know to join you by offering them a piece of the future wealth via equity compensation.  There are so many decisions to […]

Elon Musk was the subject of a recent SEC settlement that, in addition to costing himself and Tesla $20,000,000 each in fines, will require him to step down as Chairman of the Board for at least 3 years.  Meanwhile, he will stay on as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), […]

The Gillespie Law Group is please to announce that Kate Ball has joined the firm as a new associate attorney.  With prior international litigation experience based out of Washington D.C., and having clerked for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Kate brings her experience to counsel entrepreneurs […]

We’re often asked about what financial or other company information has to be disclosed to investors and stockholders, what information can be demanded, and what information can be kept internally. We’re kicking off a two-part series to clear up some commonly asked questions about financial inspection rights, starting with the […]

Continue to follow our blog as we chronicle the newest litigation facing Uber. Uber’s Latest Legal Battle By now, you may have heard about the latest of Uber Technologies’ woes: a lawsuit, filed by one of their earliest venture capital investors, Benchmark Capital.  Benchmark has alleged that Uber’s founder and now-former […]

In a recent episode of the HBO startup drama Silicon Valley, the development team at Pied Piper have created and are marketing a video messaging app, PiperChat. Unfortunately, the team fails to successfully migrate their terms of service onto the app, and they come to learn that a significant percent […]

Columbus StartupWeek has officially begun!  The Gillespie Law Group is a proud sponsor of what promises to be another exciting week-long series of events full of great content focused on the Columbus Startup community.  The schedule of events is listed here.  Come down and look for us throughout the week! […]

In the past few days, there have been many hyperbolic headlines about Congress “selling out the American consumer” or “voting to end internet privacy” or other things equally apocalyptic. Are things truly so grim for the data consuming public?  What actually happened? Here’s the short version: utilizing the Congressional Review […]

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