Last year, in conjunction with the Obama Administration’s efforts to spur economic growth and job creation, it announced the launching of the Startup America Partnership, an independent nonprofit NGO whose goal is to help young companies with high growth potential. A year into the project, we looked to see what it offers and the ways in which it will help your company grow.

It’s free and easy to join. The requirement is that you are a for-profit startup with at least two people founded since 2006, or a for-profit rampup or speedup with at least six people founded since 2001. You also must provide your EIN or SSN, basic revenue information, company website, and your company and personal LinkedIn profiles.

What do you get in return? Startup America provides unique member-only offers, such as discounts on HP business products like desktops, notebooks, ink and toner; the opportunity to apply for capital investment from Intel, which pledged $200 million to invest in Startup America companies; or a 50% discount on all campaign fees raised (up to $30 million) on IndieGoGo. It also provides numerous educational opportunities in the form of workshops and seminars from Cisco, Ernst & Young, and Microsoft, among others. Finally, it provides a grassroots forum to support regional startup ecosystems — Ohio is not yet listed.

With over 3700 unique deals for members, and other networking opportunities, it may be worthwhile to check out the full list of offers and determine whether your company will benefit by joining.