If you haven’t heard, IT Martini is a well-attended recurring event offering those in the information technology field an opportunity to relax and meet each other. They also feature startup companies, and provide them with space and time to demo their product. It’s good for the community, so I’m sharing the info here:

IT Martini is coming back to Columbus! In partnership with Janova, IT Martini is kicking things off at the Tween Brands Campus in New Albany on Thursday September 1st. The theme of IT Martini Hour 19 is: QA or the Highway!

One of the most anticipated parts of the IT Martini event is the early stage ‘start-up’ companies that demo their products, founded by local entrepreneurs and IT professionals. IT Martini has given out fifteen (16) IT Community Choice Awards to a field of over one hundred (100) DEMOs.

The highlights:
· Free exposure – There will only be 7-8 early stage companies that can participate at this event. They will be able to receive exposure as the event is marketed, at the event through a social one-on-one demos with attendees, and ongoing through articles, press releases, etc
· Opportunity to connect and showcase what they do – The demos are not conducted in front of the whole crowd, requires no PowerPoint slides, and are social in nature. Each company will be provided their own space to setup and interact with attendees from the Columbus IT community on a one-on-one basis. Depending on the stage of the company this is a great opportunity to make new connections, find potential prospects, try new pitches on attendees, and more!
· Possible award recognition – The attendees will vote for their favorite startup while at the event and the winner will receive the IT Community Choice Award and the opportunity to attend another event in Cleveland OR the ability to go to another city and gain exposure there!! (currently Columbus, Cincy, Indianapolis, Cleveland)

What we are looking for:
· Innovative tech startups that want exposure
· Startups in all phases – We like to include those that are at alpha stage all the way through to companies about ready to exit. This covers both bootstrapped and funded companies alike!

How to learn more:
· Apply to be a demo – All startups that are interested in learning more can register at: http://itmartini.wufoo.com/forms/demo-participant-registration-form/ Once a registration is submitted I will schedule a short call to learn about them, introduce IT Martini, what to expect, and how to leverage this free opportunity
· Contact Kevin Hiser, Entrepreneurship Director, directly – Anyone that would rather reach out to Kevin directly can do so at Kevin@itmartini.com or 614-446-1548