The United States Patent and Trademark office has extended a pilot program to allow applications advanced out of turn for applications pertaining to green technologies.  Originally this pilot program was scheduled to end on December 8, 2009, but it has recently been extended through December 31, 2011.   For more information on this program, click […]

Venture Capitalists (“VCs”), Angel investors (“Angels”) (i.e., accredited investors), and Business Development Companies (“BDCs”) fulfill generally the same role: to help small and medium-sized companies obtain financing when more traditional means of funding (e.g., bank financing) are unavailable.  Bank financing, though, almost always requires accounts receivable, inventory, buildings, equipment or […]

On December 17, 2010, President Obama signed the 2010 Tax Relief Act into law, and among other things, extended the 100-percent tax exclusion from capital gains of qualified small business stock (QSBS).  As background, on September 27, 2010, President Obama signed H.R. 5297 Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (P.L. […]

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